9 April 2010

iPhone adverts

Am I the only one who isn't sure about the latest Apple innovation to open up the iPhone OS to new forms of advertising? I want to reap the benefits of the new OS, especially the enhanced multitasking, but I'm not so keen on the introduction of advertising. 
Stephen Fry's interview with Steve Jobs (about the iPad) in Time Magazine has the Apple guru claiming that commercialism isn't their starting point:
I remind Jobs that at the product launch of the iPad in January, he had stood in front of two street signs, one reading "Liberal Arts," the other "Technology." "This is where I have always seen Apple," he told the audience, "at the intersection of the Liberal Arts and Technology."
I suggest there's a bit more to it than that; surely Apple stands at the intersection of liberal arts, technology and commerce? "Sure, what we do has to make commercial sense," Jobs concedes, "but it's never the starting point.
Can I not just have a beautifully desinged and engineered gadget? I don't even mind paying Apple's prices, but having done so, I don't expect my phone to start advertising to me as well!

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