13 April 2010

Easter is 50 days

I came across a blog yesterday (suggested by Google) which I decided to follow in my daily digest of blogs. Today's post has vindicated my decision to add it to my list. The blog is by a New Zealand based Anglican priest, Rev Bosco Peters, and it concentrates on the liturgy of the church.
Today's post expresses a view I've held for a long time; that Easter is a season as well as a festival day! In other words, the Alleluias and boisterous singing of the Vigil and Easter Sunday morning should continue to ring in our churches throughout the season - the 50 day season!
I'm sure that, in most churches, last Sunday's service still had some residual Easter hymns, but how long will this last? How long until we get back to business as usual?
This brings me onto another grumble I have. Society has taken Christmas to its heart (for better or worse), yet to me Easter is the spectacular and unique story we have to tell. I remember a youth leader from my younger years in East Lancashire who liked to make a massive fuss of Easter with us all. The way she explained her ethos has stuck with me ever since. She said that all of us have been born! The thing Jesus did that turned the world upside down was to rise again from the grave. Surely that's worth more than a day's worth of Alleluias and a chocolate egg. So I echo Rev Bosco's bid to maintain the celebration!

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