22 April 2009

Not bad for a Burnley lad

I'm very impressed with Jimmy Anderson's 6 for 56 against Sussex.

Back in the loop

Following my previous post (but without any suggestion of a causal link) it looks like Zeffirelli's at Ambleside have come to our rescue (though that's still not on our doorstep). They're showing 'In the loop' from this Friday. The bonus is that they have a very good restaurant in the same building. Sounds like a plan!!!

21 April 2009

Wise words of caution for web users

Phil Cooke has an interesting post on extracting urine from swimming pools! He reckons that taking something off the internet is like taking pee out of a pool; referring particularly to people having trouble getting jobs because of the dodgy stuff they've put on Facebook. Once its posted, you can't really unpost it!

20 April 2009

Out of the loop!

'In the loop' is one of the only new-release films I've wanted to go and see in ages, but I'm horrified to find that none of my local cinemas are showing it! Nothing in Lancaster or Preston. In fact, the nearest place I can see it is Bolton or Manchester.


Are we northerners seen as too thick to appreciate political satire from the big scary capital city?

17 April 2009

Surprise package

I love this clip from 'Britain's got talent'! I'm not a fan of the music; I dislike most music from musicals, and indeed most musicals! The thing that I like about this, though, is that it demonstrated on prime time TV that you can't always judge a book by its cover. I like the fact that everyone was completely surprised by her ability.

It has to be said, though, that the majority of 'talent' on display on such TV shows amounts to nothing more than car-crash TV. The producers know they are going to get a large number of unoriginal and uninteresting 'talents', and that's why people watch - for the cringingly bad bits, not for the genuine talent.

15 April 2009

Back to work tomorrow

I'm grateful to my employer for the generous holidays, but why do we have to go back on a Thursday?

14 April 2009

Squash, strawberries, sprouts and parsnips

Thanks to the generous holidays we enjoy as university staff, Mrs Lanky and I are enjoying the post-Easter period with some rest and relaxation. Today has consisted of a further scan for Mrs lanky's bump, which went fine. The little Lanky wasn't so cooperative as on the previous occasion, and the sonographer had a bit of fun trying to take the appropriate measurements.
The dry weather this afternoon has given me an opportunity to assemble our new coldframe/miniature greenhouse type thing. It looks good, and is now home to some freshly planted squash seeds and some sprout seedlings. The parsnip seeds are safely nestled in an old dustbin full of compost, and we also have half a bed of strawberry plants. I just need to remember to water everything and cross my fingers for some sun.

8 April 2009

More on hospital chaplains

Mark Vernon makes a much more reasoned and sensible protest than my own...

Sometimes the National Secular Society just makes me mad!

Nowhere in the NSS's claims about the costs of hospital chaplaincy to the NHS do they point out the cost of NHS chaplaincy to the church! They seem to think that it's just NHS chaplains who visit sick people with spiritual needs. In my experience, the humble parish priest (along with ministers and leaders from other faith groups and countless lay people) do a massive amount of visiting without sending a bill to the UK taxpayer.

Also, the NSS seem to assume that Christians circle like vultures above the hospital wards, waiting to pick of the weak ones! Again, in my experience, the majority of contact concerning religious and spiritual matters is requested by the patient.

The NSS seems to believe biological health is the only thing that should be addressed in hospital but I am delighted that the NHS recognises the importance of spiritual health alongside biological health.

7 April 2009

Good news

As promised (if rather cryptically) in my previous post, there is good news to share. Mrs Lanky and I have been successful in the early stages of procreation, and expect to be joined by a little Lanky around mid-October.

2 April 2009

Apologies for the break in transmission

Sorry it's been a while since I posted! There's been a lot going on in the Lanky household of late. More explanatory details next week!

In the meantime, this post from Maggi Dawn's son caught my eye. Asperger Syndrome has been explained and described to me on numerous occasions, but this first-hand account adds something new to my understanding. Thanks Ben!