5 January 2009

The father of science

A few months ago I did a presentation at our group for postgraduate students about the birth of photography. In my research, I came across a chap called al-Hassan Ibn al-Haytham. I had assumed that Newton was the father of optics as we know them, but my reading led me to the discovery of the aforementioned chap, who is reputedly the first person to get to grips with the fundamental nature of light as we currently understand it.
I was very interested to find out about a thinker, whose name I'd never even heard, yet who could have had such a fundamental contribution to science.
The BBC have obviously heard about my momentous discovery and a three part series sbout al-Hassan Ibn al-Haytham will start tonight at 9pm on BBC4 presented by Professor Jim Al-Khalili from the University of Surrey. Should be good!

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