13 December 2008


You know you must be ill when your wife tells you she thinks you have flu (not man-flu)! I thought I was feeling better on Thursday, but then yesterday I remembered what it's like to have real flu (as opposed to man-flu). Everything ached, I couldn't breath through my nose, I had no appetite, I couldn't control my temperature, and the drugs didn't seem to work!
A full box of Kleenex balsam tissues, several toilet rolls and two days worth of (ibuprofen-aided) rest seem to have helped, and I now feel human again.
The most frustrating thing I find about being ill is taking time off work. I know I need the time to rest and recover, but I have a lot to do and I don't want to come across as a slacker. As always, it seems to be a matter of getting the balance right. Anyway, I'm not looking forward to Monday morning when I'll have to try to catch up.

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