8 December 2008

I've been recommended for training

Now that's a bit spooky! Having just posted about the BAP experience, I have just discovered a small heap of post (mainly junkmail), and in the pile was a letter from Bishop's House. The letter says that the BAP have recommended me for training for ordained ministry in the Church of England.
I was fairly confident coming out of the BAP that all had gone as well as it could have gone, and I've been fairly chilled whilst waiting for the news, but it is nice to have it in writing. 
Now I've got to think carefully about training, and fill in some college application forms!


  1. Congratulations, I think. Your experience of the selection proceedure sounds very positive (as was mine almost 30 years ago) so I hope you find the right place to study and prepare. I really enjoyed college. It was a great opportunity to do some reading and writing and to have a go at a few other things I would never get the chance to do again (theatre, captain a football team, play in a decent band). Ministry I learned in my curacies (I was allowed two).

  2. Thanks Steve. I'm looking forward to training, though for various reasons, this won't happen until 2010. At least I have a while to prepare myself.

  3. Very belated congratulations - was a bit busy doing christmas stuff to catch up with blogs last month! I echo everything that St said - college can be a great place, and I thoroughly enjoyed 4 years (the diocese let me do a research degree) in Nottingham.

    Sadly I'm too long out of college to recommend any of them....