10 August 2010

Top of the charts (well nearly)

If you look carefully you'll see something quite unique in this screenshot from the ICC's player ranking page. No less than 3 England bowlers in the world top ten for Test cricket. A good summer with the ball (so far) has helped Swann, Anderson and Broad (sounds like a firm of solicitors) to boost their ratings considerably.

Conversely, a low scoring summer by modern standards means that most of our batsmen have remained static in the charts except for new boy Trott and the in-form Matt Prior.

Looking forward to the Ashes, only one Aussie bowler makes the Test top ten, but there are two of their batsmen in there. I can imagine that Swann may continue his run of form down-under, but I predict that Anderson and maybe Broad might struggle with the conditions. Perhaps it will be time for Finn to make his mark with that extra height.


  1. On a related note. Are you loving the American Football style challenge system?

  2. I think the referral system is a step in the right direction, but I'm not sure about the teams being the ones who refer. I wonder if it would be better to have the 3rd umpire calling for reviews where he sees something dubious. It's a real shame when a bad decision has been made, but the appropriate team doesn't have any referrals left. That said, I think the game is better for it. Open your eyes FIFA - even if hawkeye is only used on the goal-line, it would prevent the most embarrassing refereeing mistakes.