17 August 2010

More Mac converts

I've spent the last couple of years trying to persuade my parents that they need to convert to an Apple Mac in place of their sorry succession of windows machines. Thanks to a modest windfall, they were in the market for a new computer and came to me for purchasing advice. 

They are now the proud owners of a lovely new MacBook Pro (15"). I just need to set up their user accounts tonight, and they're off! 

At least when they phone for computer support I'll have the same operating system in front of me. Also, hopefully they'll need a little less support once they've got past the initial PC to Mac acclimatisation. I know most people find MacOS to be more intuitive than WIndows (though Windows 7 is meant to be better than XP).


  1. As a recent Mac convert I salute their decision to change. It is not always easy to let go of pcs even when they drive you mad. I only wish I had had the courage to do it sooner.

  2. Thanks Freda. I think they'll like it. I even got MS Office installed for them so the shock isn't too great.