23 August 2010

Time is a strange thing

Today is the 14th working day before I leave the employ of Lancaster University (looking forward to the Bank Holiday). All of a sudden, my mindset has changed from 'just pottering along', to 'how am I going to fit all this in? Aaaargh!'.

That's partly because this week sees my last management team meeting; a meeting for which I do all the leg-work. I'm in the middle of preparing my last set of papers for this meeting, and even after 2 years, I forget just how much work is involved!

So on that note, back to work!

23 days - pictures off the walls and packed. Now need to fill the holes.

1 comment:

  1. I remeber that feeling of not having enough time in the last couple of weeks of work. Now we have started the packing I actually think we will end up with at least a couple of days when we will be sat amongst the boxes with nothing left to do! Hope the holes you have to fill aren't too big! Our landlord wouldn't allow us to hand pictures so that is one less job to do