20 July 2010

Is it only Tuesday?

Time has started to drag a little at work. I've got to the stage where people have stopped giving me interesting new projects (there isn't time to finish them), and all that's left is the boring day to day stuff. I shouldn't complain. I prefer this to being stressed out with lots of competing deadlines - that's how it's been for much of the last 2 years! It will all change soon though. The end of July is our financial year-end, and it's my responsibility to drag us over the line somewhere near our budgets. This means that things are starting to pick up a bit.
In other news, I haven't caught up with the latest episode of Rev. yet - it's waiting in the Sky+ box for us to watch this evening. Bishop Alan Wilson has this thoughtful review of the series which some of you might find interesting.
57 days - first of three removal firms coming to do a quote today.


  1. Hi Lanky
    As a fellow lanky ( temp. resident in Devon)and ordinand from September I am reading your blog with great interest. I recognise so much of my own feeling in what you write.
    We had 2 quotes last week 2 more to come next week- we complicate matters by the amount we have to store!!
    looking forward to reading more of your journey.

  2. Hi Jante
    Good to 'meet' a fellow ordinand in waiting. I've had a read of your blog - we looked at college accommodation at Westcott, but decided that 2 cats and a toddler (plus associated stuff) was too much of a squeeze. Fortunately my Diocese has agreed to pay the rent on a house to the north of the city. It's all starting to get very real now!