7 July 2010

A hosepipe ban, and it's raining!

I heard on the radio this morning that we are to be subject to a hosepipe ban in the north west. It isn't a problem for us as we do any garden watering from a water butt. It is ironic, though, that as the news trickled into my ears from my bedside radio, I struggled to hear it over the pounding sound of torrential rain on our roof!
I know one rain storm does not fill all the reservoirs, but we've now had the best part of a week of cooler and wetter weather. United Utilities are going to find it hard to convince people of the necessity for the ban. They're going to need to show us the low levels in Thirlemere and the other reservoirs to make their point. This table from their website needs to find its way out with the press releases, and they need to tell us more about why the levels are still low. I think I understand the geological reasons why a prolonged dry spell is particularly difficult in this part of the world, but I don't think most other people do.
70 days
 Actual stock
 Change since last week
 Normal year
 Last year
 Regional total  64.2%  -3.4%  83.2%  80.9%
 North & West Cumbria  50.4%  -8.3%  92.0%  98.8%
 Haweswater & Thirlmere  51.4%  -3.1%  77.0%  79.2%
 Pennine sources  56.3%  -3.5%  79.0%  67.9%
 Dee & Vyrnwy reservoirs  77.9%  -3.4%  89.0%  89.4% 

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