11 May 2009

A plea to the people who probably don't read this blog

I realise the irony of the title of this post; to want to change the behaviour of some people who I don't think are reading! I feel I need to express my plea anyway, in the hope that someone might read it.

The European elections are coming up for us here in Britain, and with the recent succession of political calamity that has beset both the government and the opposition, I'm more scared than ever that the British National Party will gain ground. 

From a psephological* point of view, it seems very likely that mainstream voters are more likely to express their frustration with the main 2 or 3 parties in a European election, as they don't see value in the institution. It's not seen as a wasted vote, it's just a wake-up call in advance of the next general election, with no perceived consequences.

Either the LibDems will get their act together and cash in on this phenomenon, or the BNP and their chums will start to creep in. Especially in lancashire, this is a real danger - and it is a danger - just look here.

So here's my plea. If you are entitled to vote in the coming elections, please do so, and please don't vote for the BNP!

*the one word I have retained from an A level in Politics

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  1. Very good point, and an excellent new word to learn!