11 May 2009


Mike Peatman's news about his new post made me remember that I should post about the occurrances of the past few days. The news is that, following a visit to Westcott House, Mrs Lanky and I have decided that in the autumn of 2010, we will be heading south to Cambridge for me to go to vicar school.

Regular readers will recall that I went to a BAP (Bishops' Advisory Panel) at the end of 2008, and that I was recommended for training for priesthood in the Church of England. The next step has been to think about where I will train, and for a variety of reasons, Westcott seems to be the preferred option. Our visit to the college lasted 24 hours, and it allowed us to get a feel of the place in a more authentic way than a short visit. It also gave us the chance to socialise with some of the current students, one of whom we know from Lancaster. The visit also gave me the opportunity to explore the different courses available to me.

Finally, through a friend of a friend, we managed to go a long way towards getting a house sorted too. We could live in college, but with a housefull of furniture and cats (only 2 of these), we thought it would be better for us to 'live out'. We've found a house which is just about perfect for us; within 10 minutes from college by bike and 1/2 an hour on foot. It also has a garden and plenty of bedrooms for guests and little lankies.

All in all, a very satisfactory visit!


  1. So if you ever fancy a placement at a church t'other end of candle be in touch.

  2. I consider myself as one who embraces the entire candle, so a placement at either end (or anywhere in between) would be fine with me.