23 November 2008

Dave's back!

It looks like Dave Walker sensed my pain! Follow the link for his latest post.

22 November 2008

Scary morris dancers

I heard about this on the today programme this morning. i think I saw some of this type of Morris dancer in Lancaster once - a scary experience!

Dave and the Brewers

The title of this post sounds like it could refer to a cheeky band from the 50s or 60s. in actual fact, it's a reference to Dave Walker and the SCK saga. It's apparently 4 months since the whole kerfuffle (I do like that word) concerning Dave and the Brewers kicked off. See below for further details.

The single most destructive thing that seems to have happened (though I accept there may be no causal link) is that Dave's Cartoon Church blog has been sadly quiet recently. Dave's blog has always been one of my favourites, and though he's doing great work with the Church Times, I can't help thinking that the 'kerfuffle' may have something to do with it all. Mostly, this is a selfish moan. I just miss Dave's cartoons and comments.

Here's some text from the Facebook group "We support Dave Walker" from David Keen:

It's 4 months ago - 22 July - that Dave Walker received his legal threat from Mark Brewer and was forced to take down his SPCK posts. If you have a blog, you might want to mention that today.
As you may know, Mark Brewer has been fined by the US courts for bringing a time-wasting court action for bankruptcy, and we now hear that his company is being investigated by the Charity Commissioners. These are all matters Dave would have reported if he had not been bullied and threatened.

If you'd like to do something supportive, you can sign a petition to Durham Cathedral to ask them to intervene over the SSG bookshop they host: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http://spckssg.wordpress.com%2Fpetition%2F

Latest developments are online at http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http://spckssg.wordpress.com%2F%2C very interesting leaked email gone up in the last few days.

And finally, still no reply from Mark Brewer to the letter I sent (twice) on our behalf. Very disappointing. He expects Dave to respond within a few hours, and yet doesn't even bother to answer us within a month. Disgraceful.

thankyou for your ongoing support of Dave. Truth and justice will win, it's just taking longer than we'd hoped!

David Keen

21 November 2008

Nice surprise

It's been a busy week at work, and today has been particularly manic, as I've been preparing for another week of leave. This time, it's not so much a holiday. We're off down-south on Sunday, Mrs Lanky to her family, and me to Ely for a Bishops' Advisory Panel.
I arrived home yesterday evening to find a nice surprise in the mail. The Diocesan Bishop has written to wish me all the best for the BAP, which was nice.
I thought about blogging a bit about how I think the BAP works, but I then had the idea of leaving that until later. I don't know if I'll have time to blog during the three days of the panel, and I'm not sure whether it would help or hinder me. We'll see. Anyhow, at some stage, I'll say a bit on the blog about what it was like. you never know, it may be useful to other in the same kind of situation.

20 November 2008


I thought i should announce that tonight we had the first sprouts of the season. I love sprouts!

Happy World Philosophy Day

Even if you didn't know it was world philosophy day, I hope it's been good for you. As a philosophy graduate, I believe that everyone should do a bit of philosophy as part of their basic education. Sometimes it makes your head hurt, but mostly it's fun! It definitely helps you to write better essays! Take a look at the link above for a few classic philosophical problems to get your brain working.

Here's my mate Descartes looking a bit shifty!

19 November 2008

Classic photographs on the web

The internet uber-brand Google seem to have done it again! If you appreciate classic photography, you need to take a look here. I've only had a quick look, but a load of great pictures are on there.

17 November 2008

Back to work Monday

Following a refreshing holiday in the Mediterranean, it's back to work Monday! Always a joy.
My attention will need to turn very quickly to writing a 5 minute presentation and planning a discussion for my BAP which is next week!!! How did that happen? Time seems to be running quickly in Lankyland!
Sounds like a Tuesday night job to me.

15 November 2008

How not to evangelise

Thanks to Dave Keen (and seemingly various others) for this post about how not to evangelise. I've been reading lots of things about mission lately as I approach my BAP in just over a week, and a lot of the observations in the original post echo the sentiments of what I've been reading. How can we expect anyone to take us seriously if we don't do the same for them?

7 November 2008

Christmas is coming...

Here's a link to a review update on the Sony Reader that I have posted about in the past. My wife has one of these gadgets, and the news from Lankyland is that she would agree with Bishop Alan. She absolutely loves it!
When we bought it, Waterstones were bundling 100 free classics with the unit. Mrs Lanky has decided that she will not but any more ebooks until she has read all the free books. I think the logic is that by this point, she will have extracted great value for money from the £200 investment.
I have to say, I couldn't do it. I struggle to get past the first few pages of many books, so the idea of reading books that I really don't like does not appeal to me. I'm sure she'll manage it though.

5 November 2008

One for the West Wing fans

I meant to post on this the other day. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd persuades Aaron Sorkin to conjure up a script for a meeting between Obama and Bartlett.

Gods-on favourite

I enjoyed this story from Ruth Gledhill. The assertion that there probably isn't a God left an obvious area for a little fun. Well done Paddy Power.