5 November 2008

Gods-on favourite

I enjoyed this story from Ruth Gledhill. The assertion that there probably isn't a God left an obvious area for a little fun. Well done Paddy Power.


  1. I like that stuff. It allows one the disturbing question as to whether the odds - or the ultimate answer to the question - make any difference to the existence of the church as we nurse our love/hate relationship with it

  2. It reminds me of the philosophical musing (I can't remember who mused it) that it is better to act as if there is a God and an afterlife.

    If there's no God and no afterlife, you've not really lost anything by believing in God during your life, apart from a few wasted hours in church.

    If there is a God and an afterlife, yet you don't believe in them, God might be a bit miffed with you when you turn up in the afterlife!

    Conclusion: You might as well believe in God, just in case!

    I'm not sure I've done it justice there, but it's a long time since PHIL 100.