7 November 2008

Christmas is coming...

Here's a link to a review update on the Sony Reader that I have posted about in the past. My wife has one of these gadgets, and the news from Lankyland is that she would agree with Bishop Alan. She absolutely loves it!
When we bought it, Waterstones were bundling 100 free classics with the unit. Mrs Lanky has decided that she will not but any more ebooks until she has read all the free books. I think the logic is that by this point, she will have extracted great value for money from the £200 investment.
I have to say, I couldn't do it. I struggle to get past the first few pages of many books, so the idea of reading books that I really don't like does not appeal to me. I'm sure she'll manage it though.


  1. How does that square with avoiding plastic :)

  2. aha, I was ready for this one. Think of all the paper you would save. One plastic/metal book versus potentially thousands of paper books (she reads very quickly).