15 September 2008

Life imitates art

As a fan of the West Wing, I was pleased to see that someone in the media has finally picked up on something that's been strikingly obvious to me for some time. Namely: Obama = Santos and McCain = Vinick.

I can't help wondering if Aaron Sorkin and his team weren't responsible for the whole 'pig in lipstick' fiasco. It sounded just like something that could have been intentionally crafted by Sam Seaborn or Toby Ziegler. I also wonder if life will continue to imitate art with the outcome of the election. Don't worry though, for those of you who are still plodding through the DVDs, I won't give you a spoiler!

Honestly though, the characters in the show are so similar to the real ones that it's just a little bit eerie! I bet the writers from the West Wing had to pinch themselves when the candidacies became clear.

1 comment:

  1. a bit like when dogs look like their owners??

    It is a profound sign of inauthenticity when people cant be themselves anymore!