19 September 2008

Lanky cricketers

I know that the majority of people who'll be reading this have no interest in cricket, but this won't stop me from posting on the subject.

Lancashire have had a shocking season in most respects. Their batting order has consistently failed to fire. Their bowling attack, whilst steady, has lacked venom. Their overseas signings have been patchy. The one glimmer of hope has been the performances of South African Francois Du Plessis, whose fielding in particular has been great.

We've been relegated in the Pro40, we under-achieved
in the Twenty20, and we now face a nervous relegation battle if we want to stay in the top-flight of English (and Welsh) County Cricket.

Last year we blamed the Lancashire weather for under-par performance, but this year every county has suffered from a lack of summer. So what's the excuse this time?

Let's hope that, inspired by Law's decent knock at Aigburth, they can give Kent a run for their money in what's left of their current match, and fight for their spot in Division One.

The picture is of Lanky, the Lancashire mascot.


  1. I spoke too soon. Chapple's having a glorious day in Liverpool! He's currently on 6 wickets!

  2. we've only gone and won by 70 runs!