8 June 2010

Why the C of E needs to pull its socks up

I'm sure there are many reasons why the C of E needs to pull its socks up, but today's gripe is about keeping up with contemporary culture. Fired from my previous post which mentions daily prayer, I thought I would do some investigation into daily prayer apps for the iPhone (follow the link to see the latest incarnation), and for that matter, the iPad. I double checked that the C of E (or anyone else) had published a Daily Prayer app, and I couldn't find one. I did, however, find that we're behind the times! There are loads of daily prayer apps, some more 'official' than others, but here are my top 3 finds following a 2 minute search:
There must be someone out there with the skills and inclination to develop a C of E Daily Prayer app. Surely! I would be prepared to pay the going rate for such an app, and I'm sure many others would too, so if you're out there, get cracking an I'll be your first customer.


  1. So did Mouse


    Mouse understands that the CofE peeps have spoken with the Methodist peeps about what they did, so looks like they're thinking about it.

  2. Good to hear that someone on the good old CofE is thinking about it.