24 June 2010

A hosepipe ban, in Lancashire?

I thought I was dreaming when I heard John Humphrys quizzing a representative from United Utilities about a possible hosepipe ban in the Northwest of England. Normally the Southeast are the first to suffer. The last time I remember a hosepipe ban in this area, I think I was more concerned about whether I would still be allowed to use a water pistol or not! OK, it may not of been that long ago, but I am struggling to remember it.
I know I mentioned the other day about the good weather in Lancaster, and I noticed the low water level in Thirlmere when we passed it a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't think we were that dry.
Anyway, it seems we had some drizzle during the night. Maybe that will hold off the ban for a little while longer.

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  1. When I walked down the hill with BabyLanky yesterday I noticed all the grass was brown along the verges. I've never seen it like that in Lancaster!