31 March 2010

More thoughts of September

As I said in a previous post, I've been thinking about our move in September. We haven't moved house in a few years, and since University we've lived in the same area. It suddenly dawned on me that there's a lot to do in preparation for the move; especially as we'll be taking a massive income drop. We can't afford to pay a month of extra council tax or student loan payments, so for once in my life I'll need to get organised.
In a bid to do this, I thought I'd have a bit of a brainstorm here:
  • Council tax - need to find out what we'll need to pay and whether we get any benefits or rebates. I know I'll get a discount as a student, but that's all I know so far. We also need to make sure Lancaster City Council know when we're moving.
  • Tenancy - need to notify landlord of intended move date and end of tenancy.
  • New house - need to sign a contract and find a deposit.
  • Removals - need to book some assistance with this - hoping my uncle can help here!
  • NI and tax - this has always been a mystery to me. I should probably check if there are any implications of my change in status half way through the year.
  • Student loans - I only have a bit left to pay on my loan, but when I become a student again, I won't be paying! Probably need to let the lovely folks in Glasgow know what's going on.
Then there's all the things I keep forgetting about:
  • Need to find a vet and register the felines
  • Need to find a dentist with vacancies (and fill in HC1 forms!)
  • Need to work out where the nearest doctors' surgery will be in Cambridge
I think I need to write these down and keep adding to them as I think of more! Once I start at Westcott, I don't think I'll have masses of time to faff around with this sort of thing.

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