10 February 2009

School report

I thought I should post an update on the whole selection thing for those who are interested. The DDO came to see me the other week to go over the selectors' report from my selection panel in November last year.

The experience was a bit like getting a good school report. The selectors gave me a really good write-up, but it was a bit strange! It felt like they had met an alternate 'me' who answered all the questions correctly.

I now have to get my college application in, and it's looking like Westcott House in Cambridge is the odds-on favourite. As I'm not planning to start until 2010, I shouldn't have any problems getting a place or finding somewhere to live.

At this stage, it is becoming to feel a little more real, and a little more scary; particularly the financial side of things. Mrs Lanky and I currently bring in a fair amount of money every month, and it will be a big change for us to go down to a modest stipend for a couple of years.


  1. for a couple of years? Modest stipend all the way now, my friend. Although they do house you.

  2. It's even more modest for the first couple of years though!