23 February 2009

Pleasant surprise

How many people do you think we would manage to attract to a BCP Evensong service at a University Chaplaincy in 2009? 5... maybe 10... or possibly 15? Try 25 (including singers)!

In our regular Sunday evening service slot (which normally attracts 15-20), we decided we'd try a full sung evensong for a change. Some people might have anticipated a drop-off, as the regular service is more Taize/Iona in feel, and this may have appeared a bit too stuffy and conservative. 25 people, though, made the effort to come along, and the feedback was very positive! In many cases, people had never been to an evensong service before, and were pleasantly surprised. The service was so successful that we're planning to make it a semi-regular feature of our lineup.


  1. That's brilliant, sorry we weren't there.

  2. Extraordinary. You must have had a good set of singers to make it go well.

  3. There's a good bunch of students around at the moment - lot's of enthusiastic people with good voices and music reading skills!