17 November 2015

A New Chapter

The dust has started to settle on our mammoth move from Lancashire to Norfolk, and I have now been licensed and installed as Team Vicar (Designate) in the Aylsham & District Team Ministry. Before the move, we were given a wonderful send-off by the people from Clitheroe, Chatburn and Downham. This included a number of very generous gifts, which have helped us to furnish our new home. We left Lancashire with many happy memories and a tremendous amount of good will. We miss Lancashire but are starting to settle into life in East Anglia.
So now the next chapter starts as we start out in village life. Cawston is great! It has more than one would expect for a village of its size, with an excellent pub, deli and general store. As well as a Primary School and Village Hall. It even seems that this rural idyll is also home to more than its fair share of digital enthusiasts and professionals; amongst them one of our neighbours, Kaori.
So we're settling in and getting near to the end of the unpacking. The signs are good that we'll be very happy here, and I'm already enjoying getting stuck in to serving the parishes to which I'm licensed.
Look out for more updates...

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  1. Lovely to hear this Lanky Anglican. We are moving in January to five parish benefice in south Derbyshire. 4 villages and 1 suburban. Had wondered how you were doing having just reread my blog from June 2012! Hasn't time flown by!!