3 October 2012

A blogging curate?

It's been a while since I last posted. Lots of water under the bridge. Massive milestones. I'm now an ordained deacon in the Church of England. After a long time of discernment, upheaval and training, I am now a curate in Clitheroe.

Blogging as an ordinand was relatively simple, but now I'm a curate it feels different. Partly it's because as an ordinand you deal often in hypotheticals. Your practical work is controlled and contained. You can blog about the issues you're encountering in college quite easily. But once ordained, you are embedded in a real parish situation with real people. The issues you discuss, as an ordinand, in abstract terms are suddenly real people's issues. And unless you keep your online persona completely secret, your parishioners will be reading your posts. Anyone who knows what's going on in the parish will be able to join the dots.

So I'm a bit puzzled about where this blog will go from now on. Any ideas in the comments please. I feel I ought to continue, but I need to work out a way that can happen without it becoming very dull.


  1. I don't have an answer to your query but I will always keep reading!

  2. Well, don't worry about the personal stuff, share a sermon or two, a prayer, stuff like that