28 February 2011


I think a lot about doubt. It's probably the philosopher in me. I am drawn to Descartes' first principles methodology (though I don't agree with where he goes from there), and I am comfortable(ish) with my own doubt.

It's nice, then, to see others taking the issue seriously. Mark Vernon has blogged about an upcoming BBC Radio programme on the subject, and I'll be listening (if I remember (Praise God for iPlayer)).

A couple of weeks ago, our exercise for preaching class was to write one page from the point of view of someone who is usually overlooked in the scriptures. See if you can guess who I chose:

Is it so wrong to want to see?
to touch?
For myself, I mean.
to see and touch, for myself.
I wouldn’t have minded if we’d all been in the same boat.
But I wasn’t there.
It sounds like it was amazing.
I wish I’d been there,
But I wasn’t.
Let’s be honest,
It’s fairly far fetched.
Dead people don’t tend to walk around and talk to folk.
If I believed everything people told me;
especially about Jesus;,
people would probably question my sanity.
I know I would.
But I saw him in the end.
And even though he had a go at me,
I’m glad I got to see and touch
For myself
Is that so wrong?


  1. Hello
    I have arrived at your blog in a series of jumps and I'm glad that I did. I love this piece about Thomas; I have a very soft spot for him and your words just sound as I imagine he would. He gives me hope!
    Thankyou for this. I'm off now to have a rummage around your other posts, if you don't mind.
    In Christ

  2. Hi. I found your blog after an "Anglican Doubt" search. Looking forward to reading more after your words about Thomas.

    Thank you,

    Mary Ellen