21 May 2010

The day the world changed

As regular readers will know, I have been on a 'journey' towards training for Priesthood in the Church of England for some time now. I was successful in being selected at my BAP over a year ago, and since then we've been working on trying to clear enough debt to make training financially possible. I decided that the best course of action would be to keep my plans private until I had to spread the news. Of course, lots of people had to know; friends, family, fellow churchgoers etc, but I decided to keep the news from my work colleagues.
I told my boss about my plans a couple of months ago when we were planning the budgets for next year, then on Wednesday this week it was time to tell my colleagues.
Now I work in a boisterous open-plan office where the language is ripe, and the content of conversations is often from the gutter. I'm not the shy and retiring type when it comes to office banter, and I'm not averse to responding in kind when the comments come in my direction. So you can probably imagine that some of my colleagues where a little surprised to hear of my plans!
Anyway, all in all, I've been pleasantly surprised by the all-round support I've been given (so far). And I'm looking forward to the 'tarts and vicars' party which seems will be the inevitable send-off.
I've been thinking for a long time about telling my colleagues about my plans, and it made me very nervous. I wasn't sure what I would say, or how they'd take the news. I'm glad we're now in a position where the truth is out in the open, and I feel like a significant weight has been lifted. It now feels yet more real, and the countdown to Cambridge can truly begin.
117 days

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