6 August 2009

Mummy and Daddy classes

Last night we went to our first antenatal session at the hospital, which was all very interesting. The person leading the session was very nice, if slightly mad.

Although we didn't discover any amazing truths about parenthood in the first session (it was mostly common sense), the session brought our experience of pregnancy to the next level! It's all somehow much more immediate now that we've had the tour of the maternity ward and seen a model of a baby at 30 weeks gestation (which is the milestone we reached today).

I need to crack on with assembling furniture and tidying up a bedroom! Everyone tells me that once the baby arrives, we will both be too tired to operate allen keys.


  1. How jolly exciting!

    They like to ease you in - all the terrifying things will be in the next few sessions. Parents, for example, are required to take an exam before leaving the hospital with bundle-of-joy. The exam involves blindfold nappy changing. Good luck.

  2. Apparently we get to see some gruesome videos at some point! I can't wait.