8 April 2009

Sometimes the National Secular Society just makes me mad!

Nowhere in the NSS's claims about the costs of hospital chaplaincy to the NHS do they point out the cost of NHS chaplaincy to the church! They seem to think that it's just NHS chaplains who visit sick people with spiritual needs. In my experience, the humble parish priest (along with ministers and leaders from other faith groups and countless lay people) do a massive amount of visiting without sending a bill to the UK taxpayer.

Also, the NSS seem to assume that Christians circle like vultures above the hospital wards, waiting to pick of the weak ones! Again, in my experience, the majority of contact concerning religious and spiritual matters is requested by the patient.

The NSS seems to believe biological health is the only thing that should be addressed in hospital but I am delighted that the NHS recognises the importance of spiritual health alongside biological health.


  1. Don't get mad, get even.

    Apply a microscope to their stats. They don't usually stand up very well.

  2. I was surprised/disappointed they didn't get a rougher time on the Today Programme this morning.

  3. If the patients are making the requests, why should the NHS be liable for the cost?

  4. What if the patient makes a request for 'secular' counselling or therapy? I think most people would see this as a legitimate use of NHS funds.