7 October 2008

Apple freebie

Life has been incredibly busy over the last couple of weeks; hence the lack of blogging. A new job, family visits and the start of the academic year are my excuses.

Today we went to Manchester for a free session on the Apple software application 'Aperture 2'. Having bought the software with my new Macbook pro, Apple sent me an invitation to the event, held at the Printworks.

The session was presented by an Apple 'high-up', sporting the obligatory all-black uniform and funky radio mic. I was anticipating a full-on sales pitch for all things Apple, but I was pleasantly surprised when he launched into a demo of the main features of the package. I hoped it would be useful and it was. Now I just need to put all of the advice into practice.

One interesting observation about the clientele though. Perhaps predictably, here's my estimate of the profile of the audience: 98% men, 85% wearing black, 50% holding cameras and 65% aged over 50.

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