23 December 2020

Sing a New Song!

A disturbing trend is evident on this blog. At or around the new year, I seem to be full of good intentions. The evidence is that the intentions don't last, but despite this reality I'm having another go. The English Country Parson idea didn't seem to go anywhere so I've decided to concentrate on LankyAnglican as a place where I can spout all of my drivel.

So at the busiest time of year in a uniquely challenging set of circumstances brought by COVID-19, I decided to put up a new Podcast episode. Follow the link to find a chat between me and James Walton, the winner of the 2020 BBC Radio 3 Christmas Carol Competition.

I'm making no promises about frequency of posts, but now I have the gear to do good remote interviews and the podcast is set up, there's really no excuse! 

Here's James' carol in its Radio 3 incarnation:

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